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Oval Magnets and Decals

Oval Magnets and Decals
Buy Euro-Style Oval Decals and Oval Bumper Sticker Magnets from These new European Ovals are the hot items for cars.

Many of our marathon and running oval decals come "retail ready" which includes a removable header, bar code and punch hole for display purposes. Perfect for retails who sell running and sporting goods.

Select from one of our stock ovals or call our customer service team at 847-386-8050 to get pricing for Custom Oval Bumper Sticker Decals and custom magnets of your own in just 10 days.

Custom Oval Magnets & Decals
The Original Oval Bumper Sticker Magnet - 4" x 6"
Runners Magnets, Decals and Wristbands
iSkate Car Magnet - Oval
140.6 Car Magnet - Oval
140.6 Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
70.3 Car Magnet - Oval
70.3 Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
"Cross Country" Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
13.1 Half Marathon Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
26.2 Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
5K Run Oval Car Magnet
5K Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
10K Run Oval Car Magnet
10K Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
TRI Swim Bike Run Oval Car Magnet
TRI Swim Bike Run Oval Removable Decal
"Runner Girl" Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
3 60 Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk Car Magnet
Pink Ribbon Runner Girl Car Magnet
Pink Ribbon Runner Girl Decal
Runner Girl Car Magnet
13.1 Marathon Car Magnet
Breast Cancer Awareness 13.1 Half Marathon Pink Ribbon Car Magnet
Breast Cancer Awareness 26.2 Marathon Pink Ribbon Oval Car Magnet
26.2 Marathon Car Magnet
Love to Run Car Magnet
USA United States of America Oval Removable Decal
AMI Anna Maria Island Florida Oval Removable Decal
OBX Outer Banks North Carolina Oval Removable Decal
"Woof" Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
"Meow" Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
"Hiss Less Purr More" Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
"I Love My Cat" Bumper Sticker Decal - Oval
"I Love My Cats" Bumper Sticker Decal
"I Love My Dogs" Bumper Sticker Decal
"I Love My Husband" Bumper Sticker Decal
"I Love My Wife" Bumper Sticker Decal
I Love My Soldier Bumper Sticker Decal
I Love Running Bumper Sticker Decal
Gymnastics Car Magnet
Autism Awareness Oval Removable Decal
September 11th Sticker Decal - Oval
Support Fire Department Firefighters Decal - Oval
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