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The Original Rectangle Bumper Sticker Magnet - 4" x 6"

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The Original Rectangle Bumper Sticker Magnet - 4The Original Rectangle Bumper Sticker Magnet - 4
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The Original small rectangle-shaped "blank" Bumper Sticker Magnet that you use as a magnetic backing for a sticker you already have, or as a blank canvas to draw or create with.

This is a high quality, white-face blank magnet material sized 4" x 6".

Place a sticker on this magnet, then place the magnet on your car. The 4" x 6" Bumper Sticker Magnet is half the width of a typical bumper sticker, so it fits in more places. Simply apply your bumper sticker to the magnet, trim to size with scissors and attach the magnet to your car or whiteboard at work.

You could use Magic Markers or paint to create your own car magnet design!

Easy on - easy off. Clever, huh? With the 4" x 6" Bumper Sticker Magnet you will never again have to permanently attach a bumper sticker to your vehicle!

We also carry a rectangular 4" x 12" blank white magnet as well - see the link below.
  • 4.0 inches tall by 6.0 inches wide
  • .030 thick white vinyl face on magnetic base (suitable for indoor or outdoor use)
  • Made in the United States of America
Apply your existing sticker or decal to the face of this magnet, trim with a scissors as necessary.

Display on your car, SUV, van, truck or any metalic surface except aluminum. Also works great on a metal whiteboard at work, or the fridge at home.

Get creative! The best part about a magnet is that you can put it on, take it off, and move it around.

Simple instructions: Stick on. Pull off.

If outdoors, do remove and clean under your magnet once in a while (weekly is best, but less often is OK too unless you live in a desert where everything gets baked on). Also remember that direct sun will eventually cause color fading on your magnet if you car stays outdoors all day long.

Car wash high pressure sprayers and brushes are known to occasionally keep car magnets as souvenirs. Best to remove before sending your car to the shower, or, just be sure to check before you leave the car wash.

(If ever your magnet gets an attitude and is stubborn about coming off, warm it up a little, or even pour a little water with dishwashing liquid on it and you should win the battle, leaving the surface underneath just fine. We've sold over a million magnets and only heard of this happening a handful of times but we thought we'd mention it anyway).
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