Idea Submission Form

Dear Valued Customer:

Many of our product ideas come from feedback we receive from our clients.

To show how much we value and appreciate our clients, we have created an idea submission form. With this form you can tell us what you want to see on our site. These ideas can be for the following:
  • New design ideas for any of our products
  • Design ideas for t-shirts
  • Modifications to existing designs
  • Products for additional causes
  • Completely new product ideas
  • Anything else
If you submit a design you must agree to the following terms:
  • Swagify SupportStore is not obligated to create a new design just because it was submitted.
  • All design ideas and product ideas become the property of Swagify SupportStore.
  • No compensation will be made for any idea.
  • No royalty payments will be made for any idea.
Swagify SupportStore will provide six complementary samples to any person who submits an idea that is accepted and produced.