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Crazy Daisies Flower Car Magnet Set

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Crazy Daisies Flower Car Magnet SetCrazy Daisies Flower Car Magnet SetCrazy Daisies Flower Car Magnet SetCrazy Daisies Flower Car Magnet Set
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Adorn your car (or whiteboard at work) with this colorful bouquet of 34 flowery retro daisy magnets that punch out of two huge 12 inch by 18 inch magnetic sheets, enough to do both sides of the car.

Individual magnets range in size of 1 inch to 3.5 inches, and they come in a resealable vinyl pouch for storage when not in bloom.

New and improved! Larger flowers, longer lasting UV protected inks. Also we moved the flowers around and fit them on 4 sheets half the size of the 2 sheets for easier shipping to you.

Note: The glue on the vinyl pouch that contains the magnets is sort of messy when you open the flap - we'll "create a flap" with our vendor about this and use a better adhesive next time. You might cover up the glue with tape once you open it to prevent "sticky fingers". The magnets are nice and safe inside.
Life is short - might as well make it fun!

  • Wait till you see the face of the vehicle owner when they see this theme plastered all over their car. It's precious! And the best part is you can quickly remove it without a trace when that time comes.
  • Surprise a co-worker with this theme on the whiteboard at work.
  • Got a metal garage door (not aluminum)? These work on that too!
  • Max out the fridge door one day for no apparent reason, and see how long it takes for someone to ask what is going on
  • Proprietary Instant Carma™ brand magnet set produced by SupportStore
  • A total of 34 magnets in this set - choose to use any or all
  • Two 12" x 18" sheets of die cut PVC magnets in each set
  • .030 thick magnetized white vinyl base (suitable for indoor or outdoor use)
  • UV protected inks to help slow fading in the sun
  • Beautiful, deep, glossy colors.
  • Designed in the USA, imported.
  • Retail packaged
  • Includes reclosable storage pouch for safe keeping when not in use
Display on your car, SUV, van, truck or any metalic surface except aluminum. Also works great on a metal whiteboard at work, or the fridge at home.

Get creative! The best part about magnets is that you can put them on, take them off, and move them around.

Simple instructions: Stick on. Pull off.

If outdoors, do remove and clean under your magnets once in a while (weekly is best, but less often is OK too unless you live in a desert where everything gets baked on). Also remember that direct sun will eventually cause color fading on your magnets if you car stays outdoors all day long.

Car wash high pressure sprayers and brushes are known to occasionally keep car magnets as souvenirs. Best to remove before sending your car to the shower, or, just be sure to check before you leave the car wash.

(If ever your magnet gets an attitude and is stubborn about coming off, warm it up a little, or even pour a little water with dishwashing liquid on it and you should win the battle, leaving the surface underneath just fine. We've sold over a million magnets and only heard of this happening a handful of times but we thought we'd mention it anyway).
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Product Reviews
26 Reviews
88% (23)
4% (1)
4% (1)
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4% (1)
96% Recommend this product (25 of 26 responses)
By Cathy
Dtown, PA
June 20, 2019
Flower Power
Been using these magnets for years this was my 3rd time purchasing - LOVE them!! They hold color well and long lasting before needing replaced! Helps enhance my identity to my car.

Merchant Response:Thank you for the great review and photo!
By Sharon
May 25, 2019
Love these!
I bought these to put on a co-workers white mini van kind of as a joke and to cheer her up. I put them on her van in the morning and was hearing comments from other coworkers and patients about the cute van outside. When she left for the day, we all watched her from a 2nd story window. It was great! She ended up loving them and left them on all summer. They cling really well and don't lift up at all, even going 75 on the freeway. I have bought them several times now. People can't help but smile when they see them on a car.
By Steve
North Carolina
March 17, 2019
Crazy Daisies and Flower Power magnetic car decals
I like both, but the Flower Power had the most vivid color and seemed to be a little thicker than the Crazy Daisies. Hope to make my Beetle a Hippy mobile for an upcoming Hippie Fest in May.
By Cal
August 2, 2018
Flower power!
We have so much fun driving our crazy daisy car!
We bought our first set 3 years ago, and they still look great. Got another car, so we ordered more.
By Nancy
Lake Worth, Florida
July 15, 2018
I've purchased them before. Much easier than having the car painted!
By bambi harris
somewhere, illinois
February 14, 2018
These make my life better!
I had to give up a beautiful classic car and trade it for a practical but dark gray car. It was less than glam and lacked flavor and zest. These magnets brought it some life and made me feel bright again, instead of driving around in a dark cloud! Thrilled to bits!

Merchant Response:Thank you for the great review and photos. We are very happy to hear our Crazy Daisies magnets have made your life better and brighter!
By M3
Houston, TX
November 8, 2017
LOVED my crazy daisies!
I absolutely love my Crazy Daisies! Im an old hippie. AND an added bonus is that I can find my car easily now!
By Canoegirl
Two Harbors, MN
March 1, 2017
Daisies make me happy
They make my boring car more fun and make me happy. I get smiles from other drivers on the road. I can tell which car is mine in the parking lot. They last a long time..this is my second purchase of these magnets.
Best UsesMake my car happy.
By Becca
Sacramento, California
December 31, 2016
Great Purchase!
It definitely makes my car so much more visible to other drivers and prevents accidents.
By Martin
Grass Valley, CA
December 12, 2016
Add a little color to things
Fun and easy to apply
Best UsesDecorating the propane tank.
By Rachel
November 27, 2016
So Fun for my Mini!
I love how these look on my Mini! They seem to be sticking well. I am planning to rearrange them regularly. I ordered 4 sets, but this is only 2 of them. So far they have withstood wind, heavy rain, and freeway speeds.
By Kim
Ojai Ca
July 31, 2016
Everyone smiles when they see these on my car.
I have had the colored polka dots on my car for two years and I have loved them. Now that I have these daisies, everyone says they are so ME! My car is blue, so the purple ones don't show up very well, but there are plenty of flowers for my whole car without using the purple ones! A really fun product!!
By Mari gilbert
Livingston, tx
June 30, 2016
Super cute!
I needed some flower magnets for my car and these are super cute. They stay on and I had enough to cover not just my car, but the wheels of our trailer as welll. The colors of these flowers are not as bright as I thought they would be, but I really like them.
Best UsesMy car and our trailer.
By Judy
April 14, 2016
Love these flowers!
Brightly colored, easy to use and look great on my bright red Jeep!
By Char Wilson
April 14, 2016
perfect posies for my automobile
I love them. I don't know how to say it any better than that. Sure, they may fade in time, but that is the nature of everything. It makes me happyto walk out in the morning and see my car before having to focus on my stressful job. And in the evening when I am done for theday i get another jolt of happy when iI get into my car to come home. When they fade eventually, I will buy new ones, because the amount of happiness I get every day is well worth the price.
By Wendy
March 21, 2016
Stop to Smell the Flowers
These magnetic daisies are so much fun. I'm 74 years old and was forced by finances to purchase a BLACK and boring used car. With every passing year I hated the car more and more (worked good - looked bad). I got a pink steering wheel cover for my birthday and I immediately remembered seeing these daisies on a car in California several years ago. Thanks to the internet I was able to find them in your store!!! The look great and my car is now a happy car.
By Donna Martin
Berea Ky
November 14, 2015
love my my daisies
love them my friends want the their own
Best Useson my vw beetle
By John
Baytown, TX
August 26, 2015
Love them
stay on well. Paint does eventually flake off but I've had them almost two years
By Kacie
Houston, TX
May 24, 2015
Love it!
Great! Cute and great quality.
By Diana Schubert
Dayton, Ohio
February 26, 2015
fun way to dress up your car
This is the third time I bought the daises (over a 7 year time frame) they constantly get smiles from people. I love seeing little kids noticing them. They stay attached even at highway speeds.
By Robin
Denver, CO
October 23, 2014
Flowered Beetle!
I really like my new flowers. Ok, they are not the prettiest flowers and the colors are rather limited, but these things have stayed on my car through rain and wind. I do like the variety of sizes.
By Denise
Faitfax, VA
September 25, 2014
Love them!
They are great for my floral shop delivery vehicle!
By Bonnie Robinson Berger
Knoxville, TN
July 9, 2014
The colors do not last. They either peel off or wash off in the rain. I bought 2 big packages of these and have gone through one in which most of the color had dissipated within a year. It's too bad, because they are so very cute but non-durable.
Merchant Response:Thank you for writing. I'm sorry the colors didn't live up to your expectations. All of our magnets have a UV protective coating on them to retard fading but with extended sun exposure, any magnet can fade some over time. In fact we would not expect any of our magnets to have original appearance after a year exposed to the sun - the materials, colors, and coatings simply are not made for that. That said, we've made some improvements to our most recent run of magnets to help slow this process even more based on some newer coating technology.
Best UsesIndoors or on a car perhaps where there is either no sun or all rain. I cannot figure out why these magnets lose their color. And, it's not always the whole color, but part of it. Just cheaply made, I suppose.
By Carolyne Ali
Jacksonville, FL
September 25, 2013
crazy daisies
Love them
By Sharon
, Canada
July 24, 2013
Beautiful Colours
delivery was prompt and product excellent
Best Usesfor my car
By Janet
Hamilton, MT
June 16, 2013
Catches eyes
When I had a white car I always put the smiley face and flowers set on it and had a "happy" car for the summer. But now that I had a red car, I had to try something else. These were perfect for my red car. They show up and still send the message of happiness and of course everyone who knows me knows it is my car. People turn their heads and many say, "I really like those. "What are they? where did you get them? The colors are bright enough to show up on the red car and varied enough to have a garden on my car.
Best UsesCar! Makes it a summer car.
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-Susan B., NY (Dec 21, 2009)

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