Resell our Products

Our quantity discounts allow retail outlets to purchase our products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices. In addition to our already low quantity discounts, we offer a 15% discount and free shipping to brick and mortar retail outlets. If you own a brick and mortar retail outlet and would like to carry our products, we will offer them to you at 15% off the normal low prices (minimum order $100). Contact us to verify your reseller status and to obtain your personal coupon code for orders.

If you are interested in earning additional income as a distributor, we will pay a 15% commission and offer free shipping for all orders that you generate (minimum order of $100). Potential customers include retail stores, schools, organizations, clubs, churches, walks, runs and teams. We can even give you a trackable link so that website traffic you send us that converts to sales will be automatically tracked for commission purposes.

For a nominal fee, we can package and bar code any of our products. If you or your clients require packaging and/or bar codes, please let us know and we will get it done for you (minimum quantities apply).

In you would like additional information, please contact us using the information provided below.


Email: resaleorders @

Phone: 847-386-8050