Custom Order Testimonials

Please take a moment to read some of our recent custom order client testimonials.

    I was at an event this week and some of the other Wings really liked the B-25 stickers you did for us.  I have passed your name around so hopefully you get some calls from other Commemorative Air Force groups…
    -Bob Lawrence, UFSI (oval decals)
    We received the magnets and they look great!!! I am so grateful that you recommended the larger quantity as I think the doctors will be giving them out more often than not.
    -Jennifer, Vienna Animal Hospital (paw magnet)
    I received the bumper stickers today...they are perfect!  Thanks and we'll probably be ordering a bunch more later this month.
    -Phil, Mountain’s Best Gear (bumper sticker magnets)
    I just wanted to let you know that we are extremely satisfied with this product and we WILL be reordering with you when the time comes.  Thank you very much for your great customer service that you provided as well as your fast shipment!
    -Amy, Hillside S.P.C.A. (paw magnets)
    We have them!  Thank you so much.  They are great and the powers that be love them.  We did good!!!
    - “Coach Fed”, Timmerman School (bumper sticker magnets)
    The magnets look great and everyone at the school loves them! 
    -Nina, Carol Nursery School (oval magnets)
    The magnets were just received!! We LOVE them!! Thanks!
    -Virginia, Rogers International School (oval magnets)
    We received our order and they look fantastic!
    -Elyse, University of Maine (oval decals)
    The magnets made it tonight and they look AWESOME!!!  Thank you so much for making this happen – I’m really excited! 
    -Sarah, Family Readiness Group (ribbon magnets):
    We received the decals yesterday afternoon and they look great.  Thank you so much!
    -Maria, American Red Cross (custom decals, hard hat decals):
    We placed our first order with Support Store in May and purchased 5,000 oval car magnets (black and white, like the ones they use on cars in Europe to designate their country) to give to incoming first-year students at orientation. The ordering process was super smooth and they were delivered before promised.
    -Amy Whitney, University of New Hampshire

I look forward to demonstrating that there still is personal service when you order online.